Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Machine to create single-ply toilet paper

As seen on The Office... an actual machine that creates single-ply toilet paper out of 2-ply toilet paper. Click the picture for more detail .... this really does look like a piece of Amish ingenuity.

This is all part of Dwight's diabolical plans to reduce costs in his building.


Anonymous said...

The machine looks very complicated at a glance but actually does simple stuff. I'm wondering what could be the purpose of dividing a two-ply toilet paper into two. Cant we just buy the one-ply toilet paper if thats what we need? Other Paper machines are invented to do more complicated jobs like cutting 200 sheets of paper all at the same time, etc. This particular machine though is a good stepping stone for other paper machine inventions.

John Deck said...

I believe the thinking is that one-ply toilet paper is more than 1/2 the cost of two-ply toilet paper. Hence the economies in stripping it down from two-ply paper. Assuming of course, you have free labor!